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In this educational video, you will discover:

  • The seldom-followed business principal that virtually guarantees that your product will sell.

  • Why some of the best products never make money.

  • What you should sell if your priority is making easy sales.

  • Why you need a niche where people are searching for _____ AND willing to ______.

  • There is a massive audience currently looking for _________.

  • How real people like you are cashing in on this niche today.

  • How this can be your own unique business with your own name on it.

  • The in-demand niche that is profitable online right now, and ripe for you to jump into it.

  • Why this niche is so hot, including examples.

  • Our shortcut that serves this niche on a silver platter to you.

  • The ready made materials that you can implement by the end of the day.

  • At least 8 ways for you to use our shortcut.

  • How to build your list and attract targeted prospects with our shortcut.

  • Why this is equally valuable for total newbies AND successful experts.

  • As you will see in the video above, we're offering you an incredible shortcut to tap into this hot niche today.

    With all of the valuable materials included, we could easily be charging $97 or more for this package.

    However, we've decided to make it CRAZY affordable to the first round of entrepreneurs who get in right now.

    Instead of $97.00, today we're going to let you grab it for a mere fraction of that price.

    Consider this your lucky day...

    The Great PLR
    THREADS Unleashed Bundle


    Threads Unleashed - PLR Package

    As of the day we are launching this, the average gas price in California is $4.90 per gallon!


    30 day guarantee

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    *As always, your results will vary depending on many factors. Based on years of feedback, it is typical that our customers really do think our PLR products are among the best in the industry. We can not guarantee income or specific results.

    Discover the ultimate shortcut for newbies to break into the digital product business, AND for successful entrepreneurs to sell even more with less work...

    From: Eric Holmlund and Ryan Greene

    Dear entrepreneurial friend,

    Shortcuts can be a great thing. Wouldn't you agree?

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a shortcut is simply "a quicker or easier way to do something".

    That having been said, sometimes the search for a shortcut can become problematic.

    I've had the privilege of teaching and helping thousands of entrepreneurs build online businesses, and one problem I've seen over and over again is "newbies" looking for a shortcut. Too often in their quest for a shortcut, they get sidetracked to the point of never getting their business off the ground. In those instances, the search for an elusive "magic bullet" can be very detrimental.

    Yet shortcuts DO exist.

    I started my online business in 1999, and back then I didn't find any reliable teachers, nor did I find any shortcuts. I learned by trial-and-error over the course of many years.

    I went on to eventually make millions of dollars online, but as you can imagine; I sure wish I knew at the BEGINNING what I knew a few years later, or better yet... what I know now after DECADES of Internet marketing.

    Over the years I have developed systems, found easier ways of running my business, and indeed discovered real SHORTCUTS.

    On this very page that you're reading right now, I have a two-part shortcut for you.

    These are things that I have personally used to generate profits year after year, continuing to this day.


    Here is the two-part shortcut...

    1) Sell what people want to buy. (I'll explain this in more depth below, and why this is such an important concept.)

    2) Leverage existing material such as Private Label Rights (PLR) products, to save time and break into niches more quickly. (I'll explain that too!)

    part 1 Part ONE of our shortcut is an obvious, yet seldom-followed business principal that virtually guarantees that your product will sell. I'm telling you this is the key to EASY sales. Again, here it is: Sell what people want to buy.

    I know it sounds overly simplistic, but it's absolutely true.

    In my time as an internet marketer I've seen hundreds of people launching products that very few people WANT.

    Now, to be clear, our world DOES need innovators and inventors, and people to come up with products that no one has even thought of before. BUT, a lot of those products never sell. In other words it's MUCH more risky to attempt to create and sell something totally NEW.

    Again I'll reiterate, if you've got that million dollar idea... an invention or innovation that our world needs, I'm not telling you to avoid it. What I am telling you is that it will most likely be a long and difficult road to success, and more people fail than succeed.

    If that's your calling, by all means go for it. What I'm emphasizing here is that a SHORTCUT to SUCCESS in business is to sell something that people want to buy.

    Likewise, I'll say that there is merit in pursuing your passion in life. But the old adage of "pursue your passion and the money will follow" simply is NOT true in the world of Internet marketing and online business.

    I've seen a ton of people pursue passions that just are NOT financially profitable. So if you want to pursue your passion as a business, by all means go for it if THAT's your priority.

    BUT if your priority is making money and making EASY sales, then my recommendation is to follow this shortcut: sell something that people want to buy.

    bow and arrow

    When it comes to selling ANYTHING online, it all starts with the niche.

    Perhaps that's more true than ever when marketing digital products. In other words, if you want to sell "information products" such as ebooks or videos, the niche is absolutely vital.

    Similar to what I said about some people choosing to pursue their "passion", some people choose a niche based on their own personal interests. Sometimes that works out well, but very often it does NOT.

    Some niches just aren't very profitable.

    There are two main requirements when it comes to choosing a niche for a digital product:

    1) You have to have a hot niche in which people are actively searching for information.

    2) It has to be a niche where people are willing to pay for the information or solution that they're looking for.

    You could take that little tip right there and go find a profitable niche.

    Of course its easier said than done. In my coaching club I teach my students how to find a profitable niche using those two criteria, and that module alone is four hours long.

    To put it mildly, its usually hard work. That's why many (perhaps most) newbies end up choosing poor niches which essentially derail their online businesses before they're even launched.

    hard work

    So, in addition to giving you the above "tips" for choosing a niche, I'm also going to GIVE you a hot niche right on this page.

    It's a niche that absolutely does meet the requirements that I've listed above. I've personally researched it, and found it to be in-demand and profitable RIGHT NOW.

    Are you ready?

    hot niche

    Today I have a very hot and profitable niche for you, and that niche is...

    THREADS By Instagram
    (the new app from Meta)

    niche proof

    Chances are good that you've heard of Threads, because right NOW it's THE hottest new social media platform, and it was launched by the most influential social media company in the world (Meta, which owns Facebook).

    It's an app where users share text updates and join public conversations, and it has enabled people to make valuable connections, build targeted audiences, and make money in many different ways. In fact, we've identified at least 8 different ways to make money with Threads!

    Because it's been such a fast growing and hot platform, business owners around the world have been scrambling to figure out how to get involved and start using Threads for their own business.

    Again in case you've been out of the loop on this, here are a few news articles to illustrate just how hot this platform has been lately. They gained over 10 MILLION users in the first 7 hours!

    niche proof

    Then they went on to become the fastest growing app of ALL time, gaining over 100 million users in less than a week, which is even faster than ChatGPT grew to that level...

    niche proof

    It's being called the twitter-killer, because they are directly going after twitter's functionality and user base. It's also proving to appeal to many users who didn't even like twitter to begin with...

    niche proof

    They have quickly added new functions that users are asking for, which is also giving it an edge over twitter. In fact some news articles are already stating that you can delete your twitter account now...

    niche proof

    Here's an article implying that twitter is burning to the ground. As of the time we're launching this, twitter has in fact already changed their name to "X". We'll see if that sticks or not. Either way, it seems like twitter may be in trouble...

    niche proof

    Jim Cramer of CNBC went so far as to say, "anything twitter can do, Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg of Meta) can do better."...

    niche proof

    So can Threads really take over twitter's audience? The numbers say YES. The only need 1 out of every 4 Instagram users to start using Threads to reach the size of twitter...

    niche proof

    Meanwhile, influencers and businesses are quickly jumping over to Threads to build new income streams...

    niche proof

    I could go on and on with examples of how hot Threads is right now, but I think you get the point. There is a massive audience that is currently looking for information about Threads by Instagram, and looking for information about how to profit from Threads.

    order now

    work less

    As you've seen, it's a very hot niche. So now I'm going to show you our shortcut to jump into this niche in the shortest time possible so you can start making sales right away.

    We already established in PART 1 of our shortcut that you need to sell something that people want to buy.

    That's basically a prerequisite. In other words, you have to choose a profitable niche, or else it won't really matter what you do next.

    That's why we've just given you the inside scoop on a hot niche that you can tap into right now.

    The problem is... without PART 2 of our shortcut, it could take you a lot of time, money, and effort to break into this niche.

    Again, as someone who has been doing digital marketing for over two decades, I can tell you that it's a lot of work to launch into a new niche.

    So here we go...

    part 2 Part TWO of our shortcut is to leverage existing material such as Private Label Rights (PLR) products, to save time and break into niches more quickly.

    Notice one of the keywords in that sentence: LEVERAGE.

    Simply put, leverage is the absolute key to working less while making more.

    Everyone understands trading time for money. It's the classic 1:1 ratio. You work at a job, and you get paid for the hours you work. That's NOT leverage. That's trading time for money.

    time or money

    If you want to break free of the 1:1 ratio, you have to figure out how to leverage SOMETHING.

    For those who have a lot of money to invest, they can leverage those assets. They can put their money to work.

    Those who own businesses can leverage other peoples' time by hiring employees.

    In the business model that we're exploring today, we're leveraging a couple of things.

    For one, we're leveraging technology...


    We're tapping into a system of selling and distributing digital products via the Internet. This is a major form of leverage, because you can set it up one time and then it can run with ease, selling your product over and over again.

    Compare that to an offline retail storefront. In that traditional situation, you have significant ongoing costs of running the store, paying staff, and even then you're only making sales during regular business hours.

    With our online business model, you can be making sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... without ANY of the overhead cost of running a traditional store.

    Second, we're leveraging existing material in the form of Private Label Rights (PLR) products.


    Another way of looking at it is that we're leveraging work that was done by other people.

    Instead of having to invest your own time to create a product, someone else has already invested their own time to create that product. In that sense, it's similar to the way an employer leverages their employees' time. However there's a major difference...

    Instead of having to hire an employee or contractor, and pay them a wage, there is a simple one-time licensing fee. That licensing fee is much smaller than what you would have to pay someone to do the work.

    This is work that took many, many hours to complete. In some cases, several different workers were involved in creating it. Yet you're able to acquire it and reap the benefits for perhaps the cost of one hour of labor.

    Now THAT'S leverage!


    So you've seen that this is a very hot niche. Again, that's part one of our formula. You have to be in a profitable niche, and we've already done the research and found one for you.

    You've also seen that part two of our formula is leveraging Private Label Rights material, which allows you to profit from the work that others have already done FOR YOU, without the price of paying them for the time they spent on the labor.

    So now I'm going to show you our shortcut to jump into this niche and start making sales right away. It's a complete Private Label Rights (PLR) package that you can use to instantly have your own product.

    The PACKAGE You Are Getting Today:

    MODULE #1
    Professionally Written Ebook
  • Word Source Document included
  • High quality writing and design
  • Professionally researched and written
  • doc file pdf file

    You're getting a newly written ebook, with the Word source document so you can put your own name on it and edit it in any way.

    This is a high quality, professionally written book that will educate your customers and make you look like a hero in their eyes. You can sell it for any price you want, and keep all your revenue.

    This is a high quality ebook that was thoroughly researched and written with your customers in mind. Here's a taste of the highly valuable information that you and your customers will gain from this ebook:

    bullet points

    Instead of taking weeks to write a book yourself, or hiring a ghostwriter for a hefty fee, you can shortcut directly to the money-making part of this business.

    MODULE #2
    Ready-Made Sales Page
    and Download Page

    To make it easy to sell the ebook, we're including a ready-made sales page. Essentially, you just have to put your name on it, hook up your own payment link, upload everything, and you're in business!

    Talk about a huge shortcut! Typically it would take days to craft a sales page and write all the sales copy, or you could pay a copywriter hundreds or even thousands of dollars to write it for you.

    sales page
  • HTML File included
  • Graphics included
  • High quality copywriting and design
  • We're also including a download page, so you will be all ready to deliver the product to your customers on autopilot.

    download page

    You can customize these pages any way you want. Again... a huge shortcut!

    MODULE #3
    Professional Graphics

    Next, we're including graphics, which includes the 3D ecover, a flat cover, the header graphic and bundle images. You'll also receive the PSD source files, so you can customize the covers however you want.



  • PSD Source Files Included
  • psd file png file

    Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a graphic designer, you're receiving these ready-made graphics, and you can customize them any way you want. Another huge shortcut!

    MODULE #4
    Lead Magnet (Report)

    So you've got a product that you can sell (huge shortcut). You've also got the materials to help you sell it (more huge shortcuts).

    We ALSO want to help you attract customers, build a list, and get prospects into your funnel. That's why we're including a ready-made lead magnet specifically for this niche!

    ecover ecover
  • Giveaway Rights!
  • Word Source Document included
  • Professionally researched and written
  • Cover graphics included (3D and flat cover)
  • PSD Source Files Included
  • doc file pdf file psd file png file

    The lead magnet is a new original report, and just like the main product, we're including the Word source document, and private label rights with this. That means you can easily edit it, put your name on it, and make it your own.

    MODULE #5
    Ready-Made Squeeze Page
    and Thank-You Page

    To go along with the lead magnet, we're including a ready-made squeeze page, and download page too. Just paste in your own opt-in code, and you'll be ready to start attracting targeted traffic and building a prospect list in this great niche.

    squeeze page squeeze page
  • HTML Files included
  • Graphics included
  • PSD Source Files Included
  • Once again you can edit these any way you want, to customize and make them your own.

    MODULE #6
    Promotional Email Series

    Okay, so you're getting a lead magnet to attract targeted prospects. You're getting a squeeze page to get them onto your subscriber list. Now we're taking it to the next level by helping you turn those subscribers into customers!

    How are we doing that? By including a series of 5 promotional emails that are designed to sell the product.

    You can load these emails into any autoresponder, so when prospects grab the free report and join your list, you'll automatically be building a relationship, gaining their trust, and marketing your product to them.

  • Text Files included
  • Use for broadcasts to your lists
  • Use for solo ads
  • Use them as affiliate tools
  • Put them in any autoresponder
  • Once again you can edit these any way you want, to customize and make them your own. With these emails in your arsenal, you can turn your autoresponder into a selling machine!

    As you've seen, we've created a GREAT product for a hot and thriving niche market.

    But guess what? We're NOT going to sell it to that audience.


    That's right, we're not even going to launch it into this thriving market...

    Instead, we're going to let YOU cash in on it.

    This market is plenty big for EVERYONE who grabs this offer from us, but since we're the originators of the product, we're not even going to compete with you.

    This opportunity is EXCLUSIVELY for those who grab this Private Label Rights license from us today:

    get it now


    We know that some of the top marketers online are grabbing this PLR package from us because they know how easy it will be for them to make money with it.

    Take a look at what some of the top marketers in the industry are saying about our Private Label Rights opportunity...

    Paul Counts
    "This is some of the best quality private label rights material that I've ever seen. You need to jump on PLR like this, it does not come around often!"

    "After creating many successful PLR products, we know one thing for certain: that the content of the PLR is of uttermost importance. We are on the internet daily, hunting high-end PLR products that deliver the value they claim and this product is one of those rare assets. Highly recommended to every success-seeker!" testimonial
    Vikram from Firelaunchers

    Francis Ochoco
    "These books are written in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand and follow."

    "As someone who both buys and sells Private Label Content, there's been a lot of garbage content that tries to pass as quality in the marketplace nowadays... even I got jaded by it! That's why seeing this is a refreshing sight, and I trust virtually anything from Eric Holmlund all these years as he is synonymous with quality." testimonial
    Edmund Loh

    If the marketing experts use PLR to grow their businesses why shouldn't you?

    Yes, many of the top Internet marketing experts and gurus turn to Private Label Rights to create content for their online businesses. We know this for a fact because many of the top experts in this market are our customers!

    Another reason we know Internet marketing experts use PLR to boost their income is because we use it in our own business all the time!

    Since you can edit, rename, and rebrand PLR products, they allow you to jump directly into a niche without having to start from scratch when creating an info-product.

    You can also use PLR as bonuses for your products, membership sites, coaching programs, affiliate bonuses, or for your next product launch!

    So... if the marketing experts use PLR to grow their businesses... why shouldn't you?

    Again, this offer includes full Private Label Rights, so not only can you turn around and sell this as your own product, you can even rebrand it with your own name and title, to ensure that your product is unique in the marketplace.

    No wonder so many successful marketers LOVE our PLR products!

    Maybe you're wondering...

    About PLR

    Let's start with the basics...

    What is PLR?

    PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

    It's a license that allows you to take the product and use it and sell it as your own.

    It's implied, but in case you're new to this, Resale Rights is automatically included in Private Label Rights.

    So one of the biggest opportunities is the ability to sell the product. You get to keep the money from your sales. There are no royalties that are owed to us or anyone else.


    The next thing you should know is that Private Label Rights is superior to resale rights alone.

    PLR means you can literally turn the product into something new. You can resell it as-is if you want to, but you can also turn it into something new if you prefer.

    You can give it a new name and turn it into a unique product of your own, without actually having to create something from scratch.

    That's a big advantage because it sets you apart from anyone else who is selling the same material. With regular old resale rights, you've got a lot of people selling the same product with the same name. With these Private Label Rights, you could simply give the product a new name, and suddenly you've got no competition for that specific product name.


    Using PLR is a massive shortcut in the product creation process. You may have noticed that most of the successful long-term online business owners have their own products. If you want to make money long term on the internet, you should have your own products too.

    It's a pain to create your own products, because it takes a lot of time and/or money. But PLR is a shortcut for that. It allows you to have your own product without having to create one or pay for one to be built from scratch.

    You can take this product we're offering you today, give it a new name, and immediately sell it as a unique product in this hot niche. (Plus you're getting a lead magnet you can give away and some great bonus products too!)

    What are some of the things you can do with this Private Label Rights license?

    checkmark You can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits. That right there is probably the biggest opportunity that we're handing to you today.
    checkmark You can put your name on the product as the author. It's like hiring a ghostwriter to write a book for you, but in this case you don't have to hire a ghostwriter and pay for it. All the work is already done.
    checkmark You can put your links in the product. Maybe you're an affiliate marketer, or maybe you already have some other products of your own. You can further monetize this product by putting your affiliate links in it, or links to your other products.
    checkmark You can edit the product and turn it into something new. We're including the source files, so this is like having raw materials in your hand. You could take part of the product and combine it with another. You could swipe from the product to add content to your own existing product, or to a product that you're currently developing.
    checkmark You can add the product to a membership site, which is a great way to monetize it because you could charge a monthly fee and build up a residual passive income. And if you already have a membership site, this is pretty much a no-brainer. This is content to increase the value of your membership.
    checkmark You can create your own product bundles, or bundle it with your existing products.
    checkmark You can add this to your existing products. It's a great way to add value to what you're already doing.
    checkmark You can use it as an upsell or a One Time Offer. If you have anything else that you're already selling, you can add this to your sales funnel as an upsell to pump up your profits and earn more revenue per customer.
    checkmark You can actually publish and sell it offline, or in other formats. If that's something you wanted to do, you could make a printed workbook, or a course in a binder, or you can sell it on a CD or DVD.
    checkmark You can translate and sell it in other languages. This is such a huge opportunity right now, because there are so many global markets that really aren't tapped into yet. How many languages can you think of? You can take that number, and MULTIPLY your opportunity by that number.

    And that's not even a comprehensive list. The sky's the limit. You basically just can't give away the main product for free or pass these rights on to your customers. Only those who grab the rights from us during this special sale will have these Private Label Rights.

    order now

    We Spent Over 200 Hours Putting This Together!

    Literally we put in over 200 hours of our time creating this package, and we are saving you that time now!

    You are very fortunate because we put in all the time to create these materials, and now you can sell it for 100% profits! For all intents and purposes we are handing you over 200 hours of your life that you don't have to spend on this!

    Time is your biggest asset!  You can hold onto some of that asset right now. We gave up a piece of our lives by putting this together for you. By taking action today, you are speeding up your own path to success, and leveraging OUR efforts for YOUR profits!

    one copy

    You could literally make your money back by selling one copy of the product. One little sale! Talk about an easy potential return on investment!

    Essentially this is a HUGE shortcut. Instead of having to come up with something from scratch, and then spending hundreds of hours developing it, you get to cash-in on OUR hard work!

    The quality of the product is top notch. This is something that we're really proud to be offering, and it's something that you can be completely confident in offering to your customers. It's going to make you a HERO in their eyes! By providing them with this valuable information, they'll become your faithful customer for life, and will buy almost anything you recommend.


    Again, you could turn around and make ONE sale of the product from this package to one other person, and make your money back. Or you could sell it for a higher price and double or triple your money in one shot, from one little sale.

    And there's no limit to the amount of times you can sell it. You could sell it 100 times or 100,000 times. No matter how many times you sell it, you get to keep all your profits; we're not taking any royalties. So go ahead and click the order button now:

    get it now

    There are millions and millions of businesses ranging from sole proprietors all the way up to major corporations that are in the market for this product, and now YOU can sell it to them.

    And in case you need an extra reason to grab this package right now...


    bonus 1

    bonus 2

    bonus 3

    bonus 4

    bonus 5

    bonus 6


    the price

    As you can see above, the bonuses alone are valued at hundreds of dollars!

    Think about how much this package is worth to you and your business...

    You COULD go and do all of these tasks, do the hard work yourself, OR go pay big money to a freelancer (most likely several freelancers) to have something like this created for you.

    Niche Research 20+ Hours $250+
    Write Ebook 100+ Hours $1000+
    Write Sales Letter 20+ Hours $500+
    Create Sales Page & Download Page 10+ Hours $250+
    Create Graphics 10+ Hours $300+
    Write Lead Magnet 8+ Hours $250+
    Create Squeeze Page & Thank You Page 5+ Hours $150+
    Write Email Series 5+ Hours $200+
    TOTAL 178+ Hours $2900.00+

    So yeah, you could go spend about 4 WEEKS of your life creating your own product like this to sell. OR you could spend a cool $2900 for someone else to create it for you.

    Considering the value, we could easily be charging $97.00 dollars or more for this great package today.

    After all, the bonuses ALONE are worth hundreds of dollars!

    But right now you can grab all of this for a tiny one-time price.

    We've decided to make this resource available to entrepreneurs like YOU for the lowest possible price, but only if you take action now.

    If you don't grab it today, you could end up having to pay much more after the launch special ends, or you could miss out on it altogether if we pull it off the market.

    Please click the order button below to claim this package now. Your order is secure, and you can immediately download all the materials, even if it's 2:00AM.

    Consider this your lucky day...


    The Great PLR
    THREADS Unleashed Bundle


    You can grab it today for...

    Great PLR - Clubhouse

    As of the day we are launching this, the average gas (petrol) price in the UK is £1.45 per litre, which is about $7.08 USD per gallon!




    We're backing up this special offer with a 100% money back guarantee. We know you're going to be very happy when you see the quality of the materials in this package. We also know that we're providing you with a professionally researched information product, and it is a great product that you can resell in a hot niche. If you're not satisfied with this PLR package, just let our helpdesk staff know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

    With the money-back guarantee, we've taken away ALL the risk. You can check it out for up to 30 days and see what you think.

    So don't miss out on it. The PLR License is non-transferable, so only those who grab this package from us during this offer will have the Private Label Rights.

    It's a one-time payment, with no monthly fees. You won't have to pay us any royalties. You can keep ALL the money you make. And that's it.

    After ordering, you'll be able to download the PLR Package and bonuses right away.

    If you need assistance, please open a ticket at

    To your success,


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